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Domino CIJ Inks

Domino CIJ Inks

Domino CIJ Inks
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  • Rapid Drying
    Less Print Head Maintenance and Downtime.
    Trouble Free Conversion for OEM Printers.
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  • 10-23-2018
Detail Information

All of our Inks meet or exceed the OEM standards.

We ship worldwide.

Please contact for more details.

Domino Inks

Type      Model No.               Color     Capacity
               Ink IC/IR 270BK Black 800ml/1200ml
IC/IR 236BK Black 800ml/1200ml
IC/IR 223BK Black 800ml/1200ml
IC/IR 280BK Black 800ml/1200ml
IC/IR 261YL Yellow Pigmented 800ml/1200ml
IC/IR 252WT White Pigmented 800ml/1200ml
IC/IR 445RD Red Pigmented 800ml/1200ml
IC/IR 214BL Blue Invisible 800ml/1200ml

Domino CIJ Inks
  • Domino CIJ Inks
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